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Singing Lessons

Home Singing Lessons

Before you go for vocal training class, spend time to do the following steps for 

You will need:-

  • A Mobile Recording app or Desktop Computer/Laptop with Microphone and basic recording software.
  • Writing Materials.
  • Something to sing with - Use one of your favourite karaoke or backing track
  • Record yourself singing along to a song.
  • Listen back to your recording.

Take notes on the following points: 

  • Your notes should match the song.
  • Can you recognize that your voice is in tune or not?
  • Is your voice weak or strong? - shouting is NOT Singing!!
  • Are you breathing correctly? - you should not be short of breath
  • Do you struggle to reach the notes - pick an easy song to start with!
  • Are you gasping for air between phrases - learn to breath in the "rests" between phrases
  • Record youself again with another song
  • Listen to the difference in your practice recordings as you progress.